Money Value decreasing

If the price of daily consuming items goes up means money value decreasing. In January 27 of the ending weak money value decreased to 6.8% which is the highest in past two years. It is headache for the Ministry of Finance, Govt of India (says mathrubhumi “dhanakaaryam of 12-02-07). The market worried about the increase of interests by Banks. Increase of interest will effect industries and  share market are some doubts. The price increase of food items is a reason for the availability of more money (in Malayalam PANAPPERUPPAM). This media assuming that the price increase of agricultural produces may be controlled by finance ministry. It is possible of the import to control the price.

As a farmer I can’t understand about the money value decrease due to the higher prices of Agricultural produces. These media was saying about the suicides are due to low prices of Agricultural produces. The prices of rice, wheat, egg, milk, meat, fruits etc goes up means farmers are getting more price for it, if middlemen are not interfering.



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