Theft of my blog posts

Print Screen picture of theft blog

Dear visitors of this blog,

Please visit the duplication of my previous posts with the same title and contents in another Indian Natural Rubber page by a name Safa. Is their any rules for copying and publishing the contents of others posts? An IT expert is behind this theft. An ordinary person can’t do it. This theft shows that Qualification is not a quality . I posted a comment on his page containig the link of this page.

The terms of service to join is as on the following link.

If this person Safa is neglecting the terms kindly take necessasary steps to delete his blog from

Posts of Chandrasekharan Nair Posts of safa
June 19th 2005

28 Nov, 2006

May 20th 2006

27 Nov, 2006

Same as above

23 Nov, 2006

July 16th 2005

22 Nov, 2006

October 28th 2006

21 Nov, 2006

August 15th 2005

20 Nov, 2006

June 1st 2006

14 Nov, 2006

May 27th 2006

9 Nov, 2006

Same as above

8 N0v, 2006

My heartiest thanks to for the ban of the blog of safa.


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