Rubber output may top 8.30 lakh t this fiscal

The Hindu Business Line says:The board has projected an annual growth of 3.5 per cent in production during 2006-07 to 8.31 lakh tonnes.

Consumption is expected to grow by five per cent to 8.41 lakh tonnes.

Closing stock by the end of March was 93,000 tonnes, according to the board. However, taking into account the opening stock of 2005-06 at 1.06 lakh tonnes, imports of 44,672 tonnes and exports of 69,446 tonnes during the year, the closing stock stands a shade over 83,000 tonnes.

Every body know that the previous tax structure was 12.65 % of purchase tax. At that time the smuggling through the borders was so high and the smuggled rubber was not added with the production of neibouring states. Then where does it go? When the VAT came in to existance purchase tax become 4% and the smuggling reduced to minimum. Now the quantity of billed rubber exceded and thus the production growth came in to existance. Opening stock of 2005-06 was 1.06 Lakh tonns including MISSING of .11 Lakh tonnes. The missing of Synthetic Rubber was 40834 tonnes. This year missing of synthetic rubber is Nil, but natural rubber missing is going on. See the Excel page

India is self sufficient in production compired with  consumption. what is the need of unwanted export and import?  Export to the producing Countries and import vice-versa are creating some irregularities. Now maximum export is to Sri Lanka. The import detail of Sri Lanka will not get from any source. Sri Lanka is producing more than 90,000 tonnes and exporting above 40,000 tonnes. Is this information of Import & Export is a right to know?

"A humble request from a farmer to the major producing Countries Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to restrict the subsidised export expecially to India to maintain the price of Natural Rubber above production cost".

World Rubber Statistics published by Malaysia is available.


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